This all just seems like typical hyena behaviour to me.


In documentaries, we regularly see hyenas taking their prey from the lion’s hand, whereas in actuality the state of affairs is the alternative. The hyena is way smaller than the lion and leopard and generally it loses its prey to the lion. In reality, the lion is half scavenger just like the hyena. Each these creatures are opportunistic, and after they can’t discover prey, they see no hurt in stealing another person’s prey. Below regular circumstances, lions hunt in packs and don’t simply lose their prey to hyenas. Nonetheless, in some circumstances, when the lion is drained, outdated, alone or full, it could lose its prey to the hyena.

Not often, child hyenas present in some African and Asian international locations are taken and fed. Nonetheless, hyenas are usually not domesticated and can’t be good pets. When they’re fed this fashion, they turn into extraordinarily sad and stressed. If the muzzle will not be fitted, they may hurt their house owners and their setting. Due to this muzzle connected, they can’t lick their fur and hold themselves clear. For the reason that acquisition of searching expertise is feasible on account of years of coaching, hyenas which might be saved in captivity can’t reside and die when launched into nature. That is why grownup hyenas are finest killed with needles. Many tales are informed about hyenas in Africa; It’s believed that hyenas are magical and that witches journey on hyenas.


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