This was so beautiful. I can only imagine the power these three have together. Godspeed to this wonderful coalition.


The African lion is likely one of the 4 largest cats on the planet (lion, tiger, panther, leopard). The male African lion weighs a mean of 200 kilograms. The heaviest lion ever recorded was Simba on the Colchester Zoo in England in 1970. Its weight was recorded as 435 kg. Females are virtually half that. The pelt is brownish yellow. The mane of the male ranges from brownish yellow to black. It has a large brow, robust jaws, retractable claws, yellowish brief and indirect hair. The tip of its tail is tasseled.

The top of the male lion is embellished with a protracted and delightful mane. This forelock, which is unfold over her shoulders, swells when she is offended. Lions struggle one another for territory. Typically this can lead to loss of life. Lions’ claws and enamel are very sharp. It might probably kill or injure an individual in a single hit. They often stay on the African continent. Lions are essentially the most social breed of cat species residing on the planet. Whereas all different cat breeds are delinquent and like to stay alone, lions are the one cat breeds to kind massive teams.


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