War of hippos and lions


Warfare of hippos and lions

Lions generally attempt to do issues greater than their measurement. We are going to see examples of this on this video. Lions who come to the dangerous second of the water stallion are injured.

Two species remained on earth. Hippopotamus (Nile hippo) and pygmy hippo. Hippo stay in areas from South Africa to Sudan. It’s 4.5 meters lengthy and 1800 kg in weight. Typically people weighing 4 tons are additionally encountered. When indignant, it stretches threateningly. Throughout mating intervals, males have interaction in violent fights that result in dying. It may well breed in all seasons of the yr. On account of an 8-month gestation, a younger pup weighing 50 kg is often born on land. The offspring are fed milk for a couple of yr. They make their means within the water on their mom’s again. They mature in 8-10 years.

The scale of the dwarf hippo is 160 cm and its weight is 180 kg. There are additionally those who weigh as much as 2 tons. They stay on the Ivory coast and Sierra Leone areas in West Africa. Its coloration is grayish black. It differs from the opposite species by the roundness of its head. His eyes are additionally not protruding. It often lives alone or in a pair, totally on land. Through the day, he sleeps and rests within the rainforests of Liberia. At night time, it’s fed by consuming leaves and spilled fruit. The gestation interval is 7 months. At beginning, the offspring will weigh 4 kg.

Each species stay as much as 40 years. Africans eat their meat and fats. They make necklaces from their tooth and shields from their skins. The tooth of hippos are carved like ivory. It’s utilized in making synthetic tooth. The bellowing sounds of hippos enjoying between them at night time may be heard from far-off.


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