What happened to the first piece of footage, when the dragon had the boar by it’s head?


Komodo dragons reside on Komodo Island in addition to some Indonesian islands. These are the islands of Rica, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar. Komodo dragons, which have existed on earth for thousands and thousands of years, reproduce by laying eggs. They lay a median of 15-20 eggs throughout a single start. They move this part between Could and August. Initially, it’s unattainable to tame these very clever predators. Even on the planet, just a few zoos have komodo dragons. Komodo dragons eat something, particularly carrion. They’re fairly good at swimming. These options present an additional advantage in island circumstances. They’ve a median size of two.5 meters and a weight of 80-90 kilograms. Do not let this weight be too low for you. As a result of the size of two.5 meters is the size calculated from the tail. Puppies take 1-2 years to achieve maturity. The common lifespan of a komodo dragon is 50 years. These creatures choose to feed on mammals. They do not even say no to human flesh.

Komodo dragons are hunters of all animals giant and small. Their bites include venom, as in snakes. This poison shocks its sufferer. The consciousness of the prey, whose blood stress drops, turns off after some time. Figuring out this, the komodo dragon follows its prey. When the prey dies, it begins to go and eat, generally the dragons who should not hungry come later and eat their prey. Komodo dragons have developed totally different assault mechanisms. By conserving a few of the carcasses it eats in its mouth, it ensures the formation of about 50 micro organism. The characteristic of those micro organism is that they paralyze their prey. As well as, documentarians say that komodo dragons have a horrible odor as a result of meat they maintain of their mouths. The rationale for the extinction of the Komodo dragon is similar as different animals in peril of extinction. People are the primary reason behind extinction. Endangered by human stress, these animals can’t unfold to different islands very a lot. Komodo dragons can’t act freely as a result of people dominate the islands. Additionally, individuals hunt the prey of komodo dragons by looking in that space. As a matter of truth, this causes the komodo dragon inhabitants to lower. Animals, which have existed for thousands and thousands of years, could be extinct by people in a century or two.


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