When the Marten is on the back of its prey biting the neck, it is not “suffocating” the animal. It’s chewing through its neck to severe the spinal cord.


A small animal from the Otteraceae. It is larger than a weasel. Its size reaches 70 centimeters from head to tail. Lives with poultry. It’s a skin-friendly animal. Household: Martenidae (Mustelidae). The place it lives: In forests, in hollows of timber, in previous buildings, in barns and holes in partitions, and in attics. Traits: Cat-sized, slender, bloodthirsty predatory mammals. In addition they hang-out pigeon and rooster coops. Posts are treasured. Lifespan: 9-10 years. Varieties: There are a number of sorts. European marten, wooden marten (zerdeva), rock marten, American marten are the well-known ones.

The frequent title given to a number of predatory species from the household of the Marten household, the dimensions of a cat, with a skinny and lengthy physique. Their heads are triangular, their ears are small and rounded, their legs are quick, and their tails are fluffy. They’re very merciless and brutal (blood-shedding) animals. It lives in tree hollows, previous buildings, barns and holes in partitions, and attics. It’s considerable in western components of Asia and Europe, and in North America. It hides in the course of the day and goes out in quest of meals at evening. Because the soles of his ft are furry, he walks within the snow with out leaving a hint.


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