Who will save the elephant from the attack of the crocodile?


Elephants are the most important residing land mammals. Three species residing at this time are described: the African Savannah Elephant, the African Forest Elephant, and the Asian Elephant. Elephants, which have a protracted lifespan like people, have a life expectancy of about 60-70 years. With a gestation interval of twenty-two months, elephants are much like people and different apes in that they supply long-term care and breast milk (no less than two years) for his or her younger after delivery. They’ve the most important mind and cerebral cortex amongst all terrestrial mammals. It’s a extremely social species and has advanced communication methods. There was a battle between elephants and people for a few years. The settlements established on the migration routes of elephants trigger the elephants passing by way of these roads to devour agricultural merchandise.

However this case can deliver the tip of the elephants. Individuals who arrange their agricultural fields on the migration route of elephants lure many elephants yearly to guard these areas. This, in flip, brings with it the fragmentation and vulnerability of elephant households, the lack of elephant teams to succeed in moist and grassland areas, which misplaced their leaders, and in consequence, elephant deaths. As well as, unlawful ivory searching and commerce causes the dying of tens of 1000’s of elephants yearly. Additionally, in contrast to African elephants, solely males have these tusks in Asian elephants. This enormously impacts the intercourse distribution of elephants within the Asian continent and considerably endanger the Asian elephant lineage.


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