You can tell by how stiff and awkward the indigo snakes movements become after it has swallowed most of the rat snake, that it was struggling to resist the internal movements of the swallowed prey.


Snake is a long-bodied, legless, normal title of reptiles. They kind a big suborder of the vertebrate reptiles (Reptilia) class, which falls beneath the scaly reptiles (Squamata). are divided into 5 sections. These divisions additionally include varied households. About 3000 species of snakes are identified on the earth. Only a few of those are poisonous. They’re cold-blooded (variable temperature) carnivores that dwell in scorching areas. There isn’t a exterior ear gap and membrane. The tip of their tongue is forked and will be prolonged and pulled via a slit within the decrease jaw. The higher and decrease eyelids mixed to kind a clear lens like a watch glass.

Their scales are shaped from the thickening of the sexy layer overlaying their our bodies. On this manner, the lack of water within the physique by evaporation is prevented. The form and coloration of the scales overlaying their our bodies play an necessary function in classification. Since they don’t have glands, their pores and skin is at all times dry. They alter their pores and skin on occasion as a result of it prevents progress. The tooth are used to carry the meals and are tilted backwards. Venomous snakes even have lengthy grooved venom fangs on the anterior jaw. In these, the salivary glands have changed into venom glands. Their hearts are three-eyed. Combined blood is discovered within the ventricle, which is partially separated by a half membrane. Combined blood circulates of their our bodies. By mendacity beneath the solar, they elevate their physique temperature by touching the recent rocks. In autumn, they retreat to secluded locations and spend the winter inactive and torpid. Within the spring, once they get up from hibernation, they start to seem once more.


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